Quarter Scale Merlin Project


Welcome!  The Quarter-Scale Merlin is a 25% scale model of the Rolls-Royce Merlin, which powered many of the most famous Warbirds of WWII, including the P-51 Mustang and Spitfire.  This engine is intended to fly a 25% scale model of this type of airplane at scale speed and with scale sound.  It not only represents an interesting and challenging project, but also a way to honor the designers of this remarkable engine, and the airmen who relied on it in combat.  Pictured above is a complete set of castings machined and assembled, but without internal parts.  The eventual goal is to offer complete engines for sale, but many sets of castings have been sold, along with the drawings and instructions needed to machine them, and to machine the other parts required for a running engine.  This set of castings was used to build a running version.  Here is an early test run:

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