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Gunnar Sorensen, of Denmark, has almost finished his Quarter-Scale Merlin.  He hasn't run it yet, but he is very close.  Here are a couple of pictures: gunnar1.jpg gunnar2.jpg  He is a very experienced machinist, and builder of model engines and other projects.  He says he will be happy to answer questions.  Email Gunnar  Here's a French fellow who is building a really fantastic scale Spitfire.   This page was found while doing a web search on 'quarter-scale merlin'.  It shows a running engine built with the castings.  It does not say who built the engine, unfortunately.  In case the site goes away, a copy is located here.    Bob MacDaniel makes glow plug drivers, and has built a system for a Quarter-Scale Merlin built from Dynamotive castings.  There are several photos of the completed engine.    Clark Industries' main product is propellers, both for full-size planes and models.  They made the scale Spitfire propeller used on the prototype Quarter-Scale Merlin, and they are planning on making a scale P-51 propeller.  They also make very complete kits for a 1/4-scale Spitfire and Hurricane.

The Merlin: Rolls-Royce and Quarter-Scale    Some history of the Merlin, and more info about the Quarter-Scale Merlin.  For people who like to read.

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