Disclaimers and Conditions

Disclaimers are an annoying but necessary fact of life.  The Quarter-Scale Merlin castings are of the highest quality, and at least one running engine has been successfully built from them.  But, as they say, your mileage may vary.  Following are disclaimers pointing out that responsibility for injury, etc. is not accepted, that the project is a difficult one, that help with it may be limited, and so forth.  There is no doubt that many fantastic engines will be built with these castings, but to guarantee individual success and ignore hazard would be, at best, unrealistic.

1.  No responsibility will be accepted for any injury, loss or damages that are incurred as a result of obtaining Quarter Scale Merlin parts or designs, attempting to assemble or work with said parts or designs, or from using in any way said parts or designs, or components or engines constructed using them.

2.  There is no guarantee that an engine constructed from parts or designs provided will fly an airplane, or for that matter, will even run at all.  If it does, there is way to say how long it will run.  Every effort has been made to design an engine which can be built, which will run, and will produce useful power.  However, there are too many variables in individual construction of an engine from castings and designs to even begin to predict chances of success.

3.  This project is intended for experienced modelers/machinists who do not require instruction, and who attempt to solve problems themselves rather than first asking questions.  Resources do not exist for much, if any, help.  A limited number of questions submitted by letter, e-mail or fax will be answered as time permits.  Telephone assistance will not be available.  Considerable effort has been made to produce drawings and instructions which are accurate, sufficient, and clear, but realistically, these things cannot be guaranteed.  Within 30 days of delivery, a full refund (less shipping charges and a 5% restocking charge) for as-sent parts and drawings will be given.  Please use this period to decide whether the project appears feasible.  After the 30 day examination period, no refunds will be made.

4.  All designs are copyrighted, and they are not to used for any other purpose than building an engine for the personal use of the purchaser.  They are not to be used for building parts or complete engines to be sold to others.

5.  Changes or improvements may be made at any time, and parts already sold will only be replaced if it is determined by Dynamotive that they are totally unusable.  Defective parts will be replaced.

6.  Prices are subject to change at any time.